warranty Policy

Drivetrain Services & Components, Inc

We understand our customers need a partner they can trust to back their product and support them during times of uncertainty. Premature failures are caused for a variety of reasons. Sometimes these reasons are not as simple as a product defect or a craftsmanship error. Commonly, premature failures can be caused by an installation error or by outside factors that work in conjunction with the failed product.
Our warranty team will work with our customers to understand the issue and back their warranty if the source of the failure is to any uncertainty. Additionally, a forgiveness policy is in place for our loyal customers in which full or partial warranty coverage (parts only) is granted when fault lies outside of DTS. By doing this we hope to grow alongside our customers while maintaining full satisfaction.

Drive Shafts & Steer Axles

All Drive Shafts 1 Year Parts and Labor
All Steer Axles 1 Year Parts and Labor


All Eaton 2 Year Parts and Labor
Rockwell 2 Year Parts and Labor
International 2 Year Parts and Labor
Dana & Mack 2 Year Parts and Labor
Foreign Carriers 2 Year Parts and Labor
Spicer 2 Year Parts and Labor



1 Year Parts and Labor
1 Year Parts and Labor
in Off-Highway
1 Year Parts and Labor
All Oshkosh, Noster, Rockwell, Fabco
Transfer Cases
1 Year Parts and Labor

Manual / Automated Manual Transmissions

All Heavy Duty
Fuller & Mack “T”
2 Year Parts and Labor
All Heavy Duty
Mack, Dana and
2 Year Parts and Labor

Automatic Transmission

Allison Electronic
/World Series
2 years Parts & Labor
Allison Legacy/
1-year Parts & Labor

Drivetrain Service and Components Warranty Policy

  • Drivetrain Service and Components, Inc. (DTS hereafter) warrants to the purchaser that our remanufactured products will, when used for the original purpose it was intended and installed properly, be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 to 24 months from the date of purchase, depending on the product. (refer to the schedule above) 

  • This warranty covers parts and labor to repair or replace, at DTS’s option, the failed DTS remanufactured component. Replacement components shall retain the remainder of the original warranty period and shall not be extended as a result.

  • This warranty shall not extend to failures caused by improper lubrication levels, contaminated lubrication, improper lubrication, operation in excess of original design limitations, improper installation practices, or failure to follow proper maintenance guidelines suggested by the original manufacturer.

  • The warranty shall not extend to failures due to faulty or worn components mounted to the replacement unit by another party, including but not limited to clutch, clutch housing, oil cooler, power takeoff, yokes, etc.
  • This warranty shall not extend to failures caused by operator abuse including but not limited to spin out or shock load, vehicle overload, use of vehicle, or modifications to the vehicle that exceed its original design and intended purpose.
  • Leaking input and output seals are covered under this warranty for a period of no more than 60 days from the date of purchase.
  • DTS shall not be liable for indirect damages of any kind, including but not limited to lost or anticipated profits, consequential costs for lodging, rental vehicles, food expenses, downtime, lost revenues or wages, etc. 
  • All warranty claims shall be made to DTS and shall be supported by satisfactory evidence in respect of the conditions stated herein. As a condition precedent to the allowance of such claims, the failed component in question shall, if requested by DTS, be returned to our facility for examination.

  • It is essential to contact DTS to start a warranty claim prior to removing or repairing the failed component. DTS reserves the right to designate where any warranty repair services may be performed. Reimbursement for any repairs made without DTS’s prior consent shall not be considered.

  • Except as required by law and expressively provided herein, the warranties herein are in lieu of all other expressed, implied, oral or statutory warranties and liability associated with any products or goods and DTS makes no other warranties express or implied including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or warranty of merchantability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Notwithstanding, anything contained herein to the contrary, DTS’s exclusive obligation under hereunder shall be, in DTS’s sole discretion, to provide replacement products or refund the purchase price of the defective or non-performing product. In no event shall the aggregate liability of DTS in respect of product sold exceed the purchase price for such product actually paid by the purchaser thereof and received by DTS.