core Policy

CORE Policy

Drivetrain Services & Components, Inc

  • All cores returned shall be in rebuildable condition. No core will be accepted that has been exposed to extreme heat due to lack of lubrication, excessive rust due to prolonged exposure to weather or corrosive materials such as salt or chloride, missing critical components, heat damage due to fire, catastrophic spin out or shock load damage that renders the core a complete loss.
  • All cores shall be returned within 90 days of installation.
  • All cores shall be completely drained of oil.
  • All cores shall be returned on the original pallet that was supplied with the replacement unit whenever possible. If that is not possible, the core must be returned on a pallet or carton that will sufficiently prevent damage or loss that could occur during shipping.
  • Cores may be returned unassembled providing all components are returned and packaged in a manner to prevent loss of components while in transit.
  • Some deductions to core credit may occur for excessive damage to key components such as cases or castings that require repair or replacement.
  • Cores must be “like for like” models unless prior arrangements have been made and documented appropriately.
  • All core credits will be credited to the original purchaser.
  • Cores shall be returned in a manner that has been approved in advance. Using a freight carrier that has not been approved may result in credit reductions for the difference in freight charges.
  • Cores must be returned with the applicable core return tag that was supplied with the original replacement unit.
  • Make sure to transfer all accessories and or components not supplied with the replacement unit from your core to the replacement unit. (Yokes, sensors, bell housing, shift tower, TCU, wiring harnesses, etc.).
  • Core credits will be issued within 5 business days of receipt of core at our processing facility.
  • You will be notified of any deductions in credit allowance or if the core is unacceptable by phone or e-mail. Photos or support documentation shall be provided to support any denial or deductions upon your request.
  • Please do not credit your customer until you have received credit or an explanation of deduction or denial from our core processing department.