Heavy Duty Truck Parts Sales & Service

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Drivetrain Service supplies expertly remanufactured transmissions of all On Highway makes and models. Our rebuilders have over 160 years of combined experience. Using state of the art equipment and cutting edge technology, our remanufacturing process is second to none. Drivetrains DTREMAN™ product guarantees a minimum of 70% new OEM content of all wear components. DTS is also a supplier of parts for heavy duty and light transmissions.

We stock complete transmissions and parts of all makes

  • TTC
  • MACK
  • ZF

Transmission Models Serviced

FS5406A FS5406N FS6406A FS6406N
FSO6406A FSO8406A ES43-5A ES53-5A
ES46-5A ES56-5A ES56-7B ESO66-7B
T2080 T2090 T309 T310
S5-47 S6-650 RMX10145 RMX10155
RMX10165 MO15G-10A MO16G-10A MO15G-10C
MO16G-10C FR13210B FR14210B FR15210B
FRO13210B FRO14210B FRO15210B FRO16210B
FRO13210C FRO14210C FRO15210C FRO16210C
FRO17210C RT7608LL RTL14710B RTLO15610B
RTLO16610B RTLO16713A RTLO16913A RTLO16913A
RTLO16918B RTLO18918B RTLO20913A RTLO20918B
RTO11708LL RTO14708LL RTO14908LL RTO16910BAS2
RTO16910BAS3 RTO16910BDM2 RTO16910BDM3 RTX13609B
RTX14609B RTX14709H RT6613 RFTOC16909A
RTX14710B RTX14710C FRO16210C FRO17210C
And many more